Buy Wholesale Hemp Clothing

Here at The Hemp Trading Company, we sell an extensive range of hemp t-shirts, socks and accessories. All our hemp items are organic, sustainable and eco-friendly, ethically produced and durable.  

Since our birth in 1999, we are one of the world's first truly independent ethical streetwear businesses, THTC clothing has been worn by hundreds of musicians, actors, activists and artists. From Ed Sheeran to Woody Harrelson, rappers Method Man and Redman to Ed Skrein (Deadpool / Game of Thrones).

We are certified by The Vegan Society and are one of the few recommended 'Best Buys' from Ethical Consumer, and we have won and been nominated for numerous awards over more than two decades.

Buying into THTC is a choice towards sustainability, and advocacy for issues such as environmental protection and social justice – thus a community is formed. Through something as simple as a well-built garment, attractive artwork and solidarity, we will continue to empower our community to advocate the ideals that we believe will form the foundation of a true and just society.